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Food Ethics

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11am - 12pm PST


Dr. Robert Brackett

This course is designed to provide food company managers with a deeper understanding and awareness of the ethical considerations surrounding production, processing, and distribution of food. This understanding and knowledge can then be applied in their own companies. The course covers topics that address the ethical considerations associated with modern food production and distribution.

Benefits and Learning Objectives

  1. Have a working definition and understanding of food ethics and its impact on the food system.
  2. Understand food ethics in the context of food safety and quality.
  3. Understand food ethics in the context of social responsibility.
  4. Understand food ethics in the context of business practices.


  1. Introduction to topic
  2. Food Safety
  3. Food Quality
  4. Food formulation
  5. Environmental stewardship
  6. Human resources
  7. Business practices
  8. Summary

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Robert Brackett