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The aim of the first four segments (in the produce safety series) is to provide a starting point for discussions among the industry, regulatory agencies, retail and food service, and consumer groups on a rational, sustainable, unified approach to verify the safety of fresh produce.

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Join us for the latest edition of our Peanut 101 eLearning series, In this course, our spotlight turns to the crucial aspect of ingredient uniformity, exploring its direct impact on food safety and the performance of food products.


1 – 2 HOURS

This course provides introductory information related to the fermentation of food. The covered topics include the historical context, scientific principles, major types of food fermentation processes and associated microorganisms, categorization of fermented foods, as well as troubleshooting methods and effective solutions.



Cronobacter sakazakii is a pathogenic bacterium associated with a variety of foods. This course is designed to provide basic information about Cronobacter and the many factors that are necessary to control Cronobacter in foods or food plants.


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