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Thermal Processing Training

Thermal processing remains the most important method of food preservation. Our virtual & eLearning courses cover heat processing of food and drinks, pasteurisation, heat preserving, safe cooking and process validation.

Virtual Instructor-Led

Learn regulatory compliance, food safety standards, proper operating procedures, and fundamentals of sanitation and hygiene from top food industry experts.

This 2-day workshop will give an introduction to thermal processing concentrating on low acid food retort production operations. Thermal processing remains the most important method of food preservation in use today…

This course discusses thermobacteriology as it is applied to food processing. With a focus on the methods of process evaluation, special attention will be given to fundamental concepts on which the development of the methods is based. 

IEH Academy is a recognized BPCS provider. This four-day food safety training course is offered by IEH’s processing experts who have extensive experience in aseptic, high acid, and retort operations and teaching.