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Essentials of Finished Product Pathogen Sampling and Testing

Dr. Donald Zink and Dr. Gene Bartholomew hosted a live webinar to discuss the importance of in-process and finished product testing as a verification tool for food safety programs.

Webinar Recording

Webinar Description

Virtually all food processors and manufacturers conduct sampling and testing of finished products prior to shipment, and many tests in process material as well. The webinar will primarily discuss presence-absence testing for pathogens and allergens. Customers often require finished product testing and, in some cases, these test requirements may be unreasonable or ineffective. We will discuss strategies for developing effective specifications with suppliers and customers.

Topics Covered

  • Designing a sampling plan
  • Choosing a test method
  • Response to a positive result
  • Carving out implicated products
  • Regulatory environment related to finished product testing
  • Reportable registry
  • Corrective actions
don zink

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Donald Zink

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Gene Bartholomew


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