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Combating Cronobacter in Foods: Causes, Concerns, and Solutions

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Self-Paced eLearning

1 hour 30 Mins.


Dr. Robert Brackett

Cronobacter sakazakii is a pathogenic bacterium associated with a variety of foods, most notably dried or powdered foods, or environments. This pathogen poses the greatest risk to infants and adults over the age of 65 with underlying conditions that deem them at risk. This pathogen poses a significant problem for processors and consumers because of its resistance to harsh environmental conditions. This course is designed to provide basic information about Cronobacter and the many factors that are necessary to control Cronobacter in foods or food plants.

Benefits and Learning Objectives

  • Have a basic understanding of Cronobacter’s phenotypical characteristics
  • Posses a firm understanding of the growth and survival of Cronobacter in foods
  • Identify circumstances that increase the risk of having Cronobacter in food plants
  • Explain how one can mitigate the presence of Cronobacter in the food plant


  • Introduction to topic
  • The Concerns: Potentially Deadly Illness
  • The Organism – Characteristics
  • The Organism – Presence in Foods
  • Combating C. sakazakii..What do you do?
  • Knowledge test

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Robert Brackett