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We’ve changed the way food processing facilities train safety and manufacturing standards by partnering with a leader in the eLearning industry to provide clients with easily accessible, intuitive, and engaging top-tier industry training.

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Our courses are backed by Knowledge Anywhere’s leading learning management solution coupled with food safety expertise from some of the most reputable leaders in the industry. The IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group’s recent acquisition of Knowledge Anywhere has allowed IEH Academy to take full advantage of advanced tools and systems to deliver the best-in-class food safety training and eLearning programs. 

At IEH, our mission is to facilitate the efficient and sustainable production of wholesome foods and to protect the environment. IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group works with food companies to design, implement, and monitor proactive and robust food safety and quality systems.

Knowledge Anywhere provides a learning management system and training platform that allows clients to quickly and easily organize, manage, and assign virtual training and eLearning courses in one place.

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