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Heavy Metals & Toxic Elements in Food Production

Dr. Donald Zink, President of Foods and Regulatory Compliance at IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group, hosted a live webinar addressing recent events, regulatory standards, and risks associated with heavy metals and other contaminants in food processing.

Webinar Recording

5 questions we'll address to help you reduce risk of heavy metals and contaminants in your facility

  • Is your facility up to speed on the latest standards and regulations around heavy metals and contaminants
  • How is heavy metals impacting the production of baby foods and other goods?
  • How safe are our spices? The impact of heavy metals and contaminants in turmeric, cinnamon and others.
  • How can you improve processes to mitigate the risk of heavy metals contamination in your facility?
  • How can you properly react to heavy metals contamination in your facility?

Topics Covered

  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: Heavy Metals Regulatory Standards
  • Why Food Companies Need to Addressing High Levels of Contaminants in Products
  • How to Mitigate Risks of Toxic Elements Contamination
  • Comparing Historical Findings to Current Detection Limit Requirements
  • What’s Happening: Current Events and Recent Incidents Involving Toxic Elements 

Webinar Length

1 Hour

don zink

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Donald Zink

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