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General Thermal Bacteriology Applied to Foods Training

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Virtual & On-Site Training

3 hrs.

Dr. Gene Bartholomew

This course discusses thermobacteriology as it is applied to food processing. With a focus on the methods of process evaluation, special attention will be given to fundamental concepts on which the development of the methods is based. The course indicates some of the many problems that still exist concerning further refinement in the art of thermal processing of foods.

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Benefits and Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, we expect trainees to:

  • Appreciate the diversity of microorganisms encountered in foods
  • Grasp the importance of food spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms
  • Understand microbial growth and controlling factors
  • Be familiar with the logarithmic enumeration of microorganisms
  • Understand bacterial response to lethal temperatures
  • Be comfortable with terms used in thermal bacteriology
  • Use models and temperature profiles of foods during heating to estimate detrimental effects on microorganisms
  • Know how to apply the model to different foods and how to locate resources available to practitioners


  • Modes of Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer
  • Microbiological Considerations: Characteristics of microorganisms that are important to understand for successful thermal Processing
  • Microbial Diversity: Bacteria and Fungi
  • Microbial Diversity In Foods: Growth Requirements
  • Microbial Diversity In Foods: Physical Characteristics and Heat Resistance
  • Counting Microorganisms: Use of Scientific Notation and Logarithms
  • Thermal Death at Different Temperatures

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Individuals in the field of Microbiology
  • Lead Operators
  • Product R&D
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Shipping and Receiving Management
  • Sanitation Lead Individuals

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Gene Bartholomew