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Hiring Outside Sanitation Companies - Possibilities and Pitfalls

This webinar is tailored for food manufacturing companies and facilities, providing insights into the use of 3rd party sanitation services. Whether you’re considering employing such services or already utilizing them to clean food manufacturing equipment and environments, this session is designed for you.

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Throughout this webinar, we will define potential pitfalls to avoid when selecting or engaging with a 3rd party sanitation service, while also outlining the critical components necessary for a successful sanitation program within your facility. Attendees will gain a comprehensive grasp of the advantages and disadvantages—the pros and cons—associated with integrating 3rd party sanitation services, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

Topics Covered

  • Pros and Cons of 3rd Party Sanitation
  • What to know and what to avoid
  • How to be successful using a 3rd Party Sanitation Service

Who Should Attend

  • Company Sanitation Leadership
  • Plant Sanitation Leadership
  • Quality and Food Safety Leadership
  • Plant Leadership

Webinar Length

1 hour with Q&A to follow

Meet the Instructor

Mike Gollinger

Mike Gollinger joined IEH as the Vice President of Technical Services in 2023, following a distinguished career in the food and beverage processing industry. With significant tenures at Heinz Foods, Bay Valley Foods, Trident Seafoods, ConAgra Brands, and Smithfield Foods, Mr. Gollinger brings over three decades of expertise, most recently serving as the Director of Product Integrity at E.& J. Gallo Winery.

Throughout his professional career, Mr. Gollinger’s experience included Operations, Engineering, Hygienic Design, Sanitation, Quality, Food Safety, Potable/Wastewater Systems, Integrated Pest Management, and Retail/Restaurant Food Compliance in both plant and corporate environments. He has successfully overseen a wide array of domestic and international processing facilities, encompassing diverse food and beverage categories such as wine, spirits, juice, frozen foods, peanut butter/nut processing, RTE/fresh meat, canning, spices, fish/seafood, organic, Kosher, Halal, and more.

In addition to his private sector experience, Mr. Gollinger served as a Preventive Medicine Technician in the United States Navy and as a Public Health Inspector with the Skagit Valley and Whatcom County Health Departments in Washington State. His responsibilities included a range of functions, including retail, restaurant, and operational food inspections, as well as environmental health and epidemiological investigations, and pest control and entomological services.

Beyond his operational roles, Mr. Gollinger served as a correspondent on the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) Commercial Committee, where he contributed a food and beverage industry perspective to shape the NPMA Standards for Food Processing & Handling Facilities Manual.

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