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Demystifying the New FDA Food Traceability Rule

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Demystifying the New FDA Food Traceability Rule

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It is important to quickly identify products suspected to be the source of pathogens or toxicants to limit the spread of foodborne illnesses. Early identification of such foods allows for faster removal from commerce and helps prevent misidentification of foods not involved in an outbreak.

To improve traceability, FDA developed the “Requirements for Additional Traceability Records for Certain Foods.”  This proposed food traceability rule introduces new terms, definitions, and requirements that will directly impact all parts of the supply chain.

Who Should Attend

  • Regulatory affairs managers
  • Food safety professionals
  • Purchasing managers
  • Transport managers

Topics Covered

  • Background on the proposed Food Traceability Rule
  • New terms and responsibilities of food entities
  • New record-keeping requirements
  • Impacts on the food supply chain

Webinar Length

1 hour with Q&A to follow

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Robert Brackett

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