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Environmental Monitoring & Sampling Plans Training

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2 Hours

Cindy Ryan

Dr. Gene Bartholomew

This course is designed to illustrate the critical role environmental monitoring and sampling plans play in food and beverage processing. Content in this course is curated for those who are responsible for designing, updating, and implementing the elements of an environmental monitoring program in their facility or company. The lessons address the risks associated with microbes, and the requirements needed to appropriately mitigate potential hazards or exposure to contaminants. Give your personnel the knowledge needed to develop an approach to environmental monitoring and sampling plans.

Benefits and Learning Objectives

Protecting the consumer and your company depends on preventing pathogen contamination of foods during processing. Whether a raw commodity or a fully-cooked product, the presence of pathogens in the processing environment can lead to product adulteration and consumer/brand harm. This prevention of contamination needs to be verified by a comprehensive, well-designed environmental monitoring plan. This verification step is codified in USDA and FDA regulations and Global Food Safety Initiative schemes. This course will provide participants with the tools necessary to develop and implement a successful environmental monitoring program. 

  • Understand the importance of a robust environmental monitoring program
  • Gain insight into sampling techniques, where to sample and frequency of sampling, and target organisms and methods
  • Apply and implement corrective actions, documentation, and manage data
  • Promote knowledge base to conduct environmental testing that adds value to your food safety and quality plans.


Students will progress through a series of modules that address the following subject matters:

  • Why Environmental Monitoring?
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Hygienic Zone Assessments
  • Site Selection and Zoning
  • Environmental Sampling Procedures
  • Corrective Actions

Who Should Take this Course?

The intended audience for this course includes:

  • Food Processors
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Production Managers
  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Food Safety Managers
  • Facility Managers
  • Sanitation

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Meet the Instructor

Cindy Ryan

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Gene Bartholomew