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Food Plant Sanitation 101 Training

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Self-Paced eLearning


2 Hours

Randy Porter

This fundamental sanitation course for food production plants provides expert insight and guidance on the cleaning of a food processing facility. Topics include dry and wet cleaning methods, as well as the types of soils in a food facility and the chemicals and methods required to effectively remove soils and microbes to assure hygienic conditions of the processing equipment and the processing environment.

Benefits and Learning Objectives

This course provides the basic knowledge for sanitation employees on how to clean and how to assess cleaning chemicals for the soils to be removed. The course lays out the basic protocols for dry and wet cleaning of equipment and the environment. The benefits of taking this course include base knowledge for sanitation experts on the floor and supervisors managing sanitation experts on the floor.


  • Why We Clean
  • The Cost of Poor Sanitation
  • Basic Food Microbiology 101
  • Basic Food Soils
  • The Energies of Cleaning “TACT”
  • Dry Cleaning Sanitation
  • Wet Cleaning Sanitation
  • Wet Cleaning Sanitation Chemicals (Alkaline Detergents & Chemical Sanitizers)

Who Should Take this Course?

The intended audience for this course includes:

  • Sanitation Supervisors
  • Sanitation Personnel
  • Plant Engineers
  • QA Technicians
  • QA Managers
  • System Operators
  • Director of Food Safety
  • Corporate Technical Managers
  • Corporate Engineering Managers
  • Corporate Production Managers

Registration and Payment

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Meet the Instructor

Randy Porter