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Foreign Material Control 101 Training

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Self-Paced eLearning


1 hour

Dr. Gene Bartholomew

Understanding how to manage foreign materials is critical for ensuring the safety and quality of food products. This course equips participants with practical strategies and programs to reduce risks associated with foreign material contamination, empowering them to contribute to a safer food production environment.

Benefits and Learning Objectives

Participants will gain insights into regulatory considerations, common contaminants, and processing plant control measures. Additionally, they will learn effective methods to address consumer complaints, verify system integrity, and foster a strong food safety culture, ultimately enhancing product safety and quality in food manufacturing.


  • Introduction & Importance of Foreign Material Control – Food Safety Culture
  • Examples of Foreign Issues and Trends
  • Regulatory Considerations
  • Common Types of Foreign Materials of Concern
  • Processing Plant Control Measures – Physical, Visual, and Machine-Based
  • Consumer Complaints and System Verification


Who Should Take This Course?

The intended audience for this course include:

  • Food company managers
  • Food plant production floor employees
  • Food company quality control staff 
  • Food company administrative staff

Registration and Payment

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Meet the Instructor

Dr. Gene Bartholomew