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Advanced Sensory Analysis of Food

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4 hrs.

Dr. George Baker

This course covers advanced concepts involving the sensory evaluation of food. Upon completion of this course, you should understand the advanced aspects of sensory analysis and be able to plan and conduct several sensory analysis protocols based on standard practices and methods used by sensory professionals.

Advanced Sensory Analysis of Food
Advanced Sensory Analysis of Food
Advanced Sensory Analysis of Food
Advanced Sensory Analysis of Food


  • Understand how to use terms involved in the sensory analysis of food
  • Describe the differences between sensory perceptions as it applies to identifying food flavors
  • Use common sensory analysis tests to determine if there are differences between food samples
  • Explain the rationale of using good sensory laboratory practices
  • Integrate sensory techniques to develop useful sensory tests
  • Demonstrate how to conduct common sensory analysis techniques
  • Apply sensory analysis techniques to determine a food product’s shelf life
  • Design sensory analysis experiments to achieve a particular goal

Who Should Take this Course?

Who Should Take This Course

  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Product Development Personnel
  • Research Chefs
  • Food Quality Professionals
  • Food Research & Development
  • Food Scientists
  • Food Technologists
  • Food & Beverage Consultants

Course Instructors

Dr. George Baker

Vice President, Technical Services

Dr. George Baker joined IEH in 2020. He received both his B.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Florida in Food Science. His graduate specializations included storage water activity studies, flavor compound formation under different roasting conditions, sensory analysis, including trained quantitative descriptive analysis panels, and instrumental analysis of fats and oils. He is certified to teach Seafood HACCP and Sanitation Control Procedures courses and was recently the Institute of Food Technologist’s Aquatic Food Products Division Chair. For the last few years, he worked in food manufacturing as the Director of Food Safety & Quality, as well as the SQF Practitioner and PCQI for two food production facilities with multiple production lines. He also directed substantial changes to the Environmental Monitoring Program and microbiological testing programs. In his role as Director of New Product Development, he was responsible for updated sensory testing/shelf life determination procedures and problem-solving projects.