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Design, Implementation, and Consequences of Environmental Monitoring Programs

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Webinar Description

A well-designed Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) will help food processing facilities identify contaminated areas, sources of contamination, potential routes of spreading contamination, and allow the facility to implement mitigation strategies that minimize the risk of product contamination.

This webinar discusses EMP best practices, the latest regulations on EMP, tools and techniques, zoning, root cause analysis, corrective measures, verification activities, as well as choosing sample sites and frequency of testing.

Topics Covered

  • Source of contamination
  • Importance of a robust environmental monitoring program
  • Locations and frequency of sampling, target organisms, and methods
  • Regulatory requirements for EMP
  • Tools to determine a resident vs. a transient contaminant
  • Root cause analysis, implementing corrective actions, documenting and managing data
  • Approaches to verify effectiveness of EMP

Webinar Length

1 hour with Q&A to follow

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Peyman Fatemi


Meet the Instructor

Dr. Sam Myoda

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