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Document Control and Management for Food Processors

Webinar Recording


Who Should Attend

  • Quality managers
  • Production managers
  • Process engineers
  • Plant engineers
  • Food safety coordinators
  • Record reviewers
  • HR managers

Topics Covered

  • FDA requirements: 21 CFR Parts 11, 108, 113, 114, 117 (FSMA), 120, and 507
  • USDA/FSIS requirements: 9 CFR Parts 416, 417, and 431
  • Sanitation and production records
  • Preventive controls or CCP process deviation records
  • Electronic records
  • Storage considerations
  • Practical disposal methods

Webinar Length

1 hour with Q&A to follow

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Gene Bartholomew


Meet the Instructor

Mark Deniston

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