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Sanitary Design: A Competitive Advantage?

Webinar Recording

Topics Covered

1. Why Sanitary Design is Important:

  • Reduces Food Safety & Quality Risks
        – Microbiological Contamination
        – Allergen Cross-Contact
        – Pest & Rodent Infestation, and
  • Reduced Operating Costs

2. Cost-Effective Sanitary Design

  • Capital Dollars and Sanitary Design
  • Sanitary Design and Return on Investment, ROI

3. Key Principles of Sanitary Design

  • Principles that Provide Critical Value to the Food Processing Facility
    and the Organization

4. Next Steps to Competitive Advantage?

  • How to Build a Competitive Advantage with Sanitary Design
  • Next Steps…

Webinar Length

1 hour with Q&A to follow

Meet the Instructor

Randy Porter

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